My immediate priority will be to build 20,000 Football Fields in ALL 211 countries

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Build 10,000-100,000 football academies like the “Barcelona Football Academy” including 20,000-200,000 Football Fields and FIFA Girl’s Primary and High School with engineering precision in all 211 member countries.

A. Host World Cup every 2 years beginning 2032 after 102 years since the 1st World Cup in Uruguay in1930 

I’ll demonstrate my superiorities with practical plans not only good for few countries but for all 211 countries. Future World Football and FIFA could be about full of innovative ideas such as the following:

  1. Arrange the World Cup 2026, 2030 and 2034 with 64 countries in the USA, Mexico and Canada, United Kingdom and China or Africa respectively - if approved by more than 50% of FIFA 211 countries’ votes (minimum of 106)

  2. Move FIFA Headquarters to Dalian (or other city), China,, if approved by more than 50% of 211 countries’ votes (minimum of 106), keep most of the departments including legal and medical drug testing/records in Zurich, Switzerland

  3. Hire 1,200 to 1,500 engineers, Football Administrators, Football Organizers, present and former Football Federation Presidents, team up with China and other countries; hire at least 2 employees from each of all 211 countries (211 x 2 = 422 employees) from Eastern Europe (and Europe), CONCACAF region, Africa, Oceania, South America and Asia, to represent at the FIFA Headquarters as full-time employees of FIFA. Only 15 countries account for 90% of FIFA employees today; under-represented countries from Eastern Europe, CONCACAF region, Oceania, Africa and Asia should have some direct representation at FIFA Headquarters if we want to make FIFA democratic and efficient, and more importantly, free of

  4. Sufficient investments will enable all 211 member countries to get Five Star Hotels to generate more revenue. This additional revenue from tourism, one of numerous possible future areas of investments, will be invested in Football Development Program including building hundreds of Football Training Fields in each of all 211 countries. This model is already working in the sports world. Building 211 Five Star Hotels in 211 countries will not be difficult if the FIFA Headquarters is moved to China. New areas of investments will be found to generate more revenue for each of all 211 countries. I strongly believe that it’s entirely possible to create world’s 10% new economic activities including 10-100 million new jobs on Football. More than 400 million people from China and India will travel outside their countries in less than a few decades; 400M x US2,500 = US$1 Trillion.

  5. (a) Allow total 34 players in every team/country, 3 in each position and 4 Goalkeepers; (b) Institute unlimited substitution or 6 (Guardiola prefers 6,, and re-substitution during stoppage time without any delay whatsoever similar to US NFL; Average time lost in free kicks 8 minutes 15 seconds, Throw-ins 7 minutes 2 seconds, Goal kicks 5 minutes 46 seconds, Corner kicks 3 minutes 57 seconds, Substitution 2 minutes 57 seconds, VAR 55 seconds, and re-substitution "0" second will improve players including young players and enhance football forever; and (c) If a match ends in a draw, one team will gain 2 points and the other team will gain 1 point. The 2-point gaining team has to accomplish 2 of the following 3 stats: (i) More than 50% possession (ii) less number of fowls committed, and (iii) more number of corner kicks gained. More details will be revealed later for special circumstances including in a scenario of a goal-less draw. This may or may not apply to the knockout phase of a tournament.

  6. Create FIIB Football Infrastructure Investment Bank, similar to, with the principles of the United Nations, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd version of UN published in the Guardian UK

  7. Increase earnings/revenue to US$10-US$100 billion annually, similar to US NFL US$25B annual

  8. Build 10,000-100,000 football academies like the “Barcelona Football Academy” and FIFA Girl’s Primary and High School with engineering precision in 211 countries,

  9. Pay US$10 million annually to each of all 211 FIFA member countries; create world’s 10% new economy including 10-100 million new jobs on Football.

  10. Create FIFA University in China or other country if funded by the host country (B.Sc. Sports Medicine, B.Sc. Football Coaching, BBA/MBA Football Finance, example:, annual enrollment: 4000 from 211 countries, target: 20,000 from 211 countries in 5 years, and

  11. Host the World Cup every 2 years, if 51% UEFA 55 countries (minimum of 28) and 51% of FIFA 211 countries (minimum of 106) agree, beginning 2032 after 102 years since the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930.