Cost-effective Custom Cloud from many Vendors under Windows and Linux/UNIX


Project Quality

We ensure:

  • Future-proof software evolution through high-quality software design;
  • Optimized software performance;
  • Focused software planning and accurate capacity forecasting to balance software investments and software performance;
  • Evolution-friendly software strategies and designs; and
  • A secured software to avoid potential vulnerabilities being exploited.


Suny Software not only provides consulting services but also implements end-to-end Cloud and Virtualization using Google Cloud, VMotion, HA, DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), VMware's vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS), Distributed Power Management, Affinity rules, VCenter, storage migrations, and P2V migrations.


The CSE invented patent on behalf of General Electric R&D on Next Generation Product while working as a Lead Engineer. This patent consists of Linux kernel 2.6.27, FreeBSD NetBSD, Micro-kernel,  Solaris 10, MLDv2, OSPFv3, RIPng, IEEE 128-bit IPv6, Freescale ColdFire®/68K/32-bit Processor/ Microcontrollers (MCUs), FPGA, Embedded Multi-Core CPU and CMOS RAM. He created patent for mainly fire detection and notification security devices' firmware/software (C/C++) at General Electric Security. 

The patent consists of the following:

Solaris 10, Linux kernel 2.6.27, FreeBSD NetBSD, Micro-kernel
FP - Fire Panel, EG - Embedded Gateway of the FP, NFP - Neighboring Fire Panel
MLD - Multicast Listener Discovery, MLDv2 - Multicast Listener Discovery version 2, ND - Neighbor Discovery
ICMPv6 - Internet Control Message Protocol version 6
DHCPv6 - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6
DAD - Duplicate Address Detection
OSPFv3 - Open Shortest Path First version 3
FP-to-FP - Fire Panel to Fire Panel, Router-FP – a FP that act as a router in the network
RIPng - Router Information Protocol Next Generation
IEEE 128-bit IPv6 - Internet Protocol version 6
128-NFP - 128-bit Neighboring Fire Panel (NF having full 128-bit IPv6 address rather than link-local (fe80::/64) IPv6 address) 

Suny Software not only provides consulting services but also implement end-to-end cloud and virtualization using Google Cloud and VMWare. 


We have extensive expertise implementing VMware, VLANs, routing, VMware ESX, vSphere, vCenter, administration of design, implementation, capacity planning, and maintenance. VMWare platform consists of various OSs including Solaris, AIX, and Linux running on various hardware.

We take a holistic approach to addressing your specific firmware development challenges, using expert knowledge, best practices developed from our global experience, proven tools and methodologies, and established benchmark and optimization software practices. Entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative approach to develop any embedded platform cost-effectively.

Project Screen

Software R&D Funding

>> Fenox in California

Employees are screened carefully based on achievements. B.Sc. and/or M.Sc. in Computer Science, and at least one year of relevant experience are mandatory to be considered for any project.  After completing one-year long contract employment at Suny Software, employees could choose numerous options including becoming permanent.  

Offshore Development 

Offshore software development are cost-effective, specially in the area of "Smart device" compatibility. Right offshore partners have adequate expertise and experiences at General Electric, Ericsson, AT&T and T-Mobile etc.