Suny Software works on software R&D, software customization and numerous other areas including cloud infrastructure. Embedded Platforms Software Development, Distributed Software Development and Software Research & Development are our core expertise. 

Cost-effective solution is the key to success in our global economy today. Access to talented professional at an affordable remuneration is crucial. High-quality, finished software product with full maintenance and training is equally important. We emphasize long-term success based on user satisfaction. Outsourcing is an option for the following three reasons:
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Access to world-class talent, and
  • High-quality finished-software products with training

We develop software for product, feature and enhancement of existing products not limited to the following:  

  • Embedded Software Engineering & Development
  • Distributed Software Development using SaaS & cloud
  • Software Engineering R&D / NPI / Feature Introduction & Enhancement
  • Software Applications & Web Application / CGI
  • Database Development & Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Fire and Security Panel, both conventional and "Smart"
  • Smoke, heat and ion detector, or any combinations 
  • Software Engineering R&D on patent or new product
  • Software Applications for NPI on Java, C/C++ & other languages
  • Database Development, Times Ten, MySQL, Oracle etc.
  • Cloud & Infrastructure on any UNIX, FreeBSD, Android, Linux, Solaris or other
  • Common Gateway Interface, Native Interface on LAN/WAN or based on any wireless protocols

Suny Software not only provides consulting services but also implement end-to-end cloud and virtualization using Google Cloud and VMWare. 

We take a holistic approach to addressing your specific firmware development challenges, using expert knowledge, best practices developed from our global experience, proven tools and methodologies, and established benchmark and optimization software practices.Entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative approach to develop any embedded platform cost-effectively.

According to, Xen is a hypervisor that supports x86, x86_64, Itanium, and ARM architectures, and can run Linux, Windows, Solaris, and some of the BSDs as guests on their supported CPU architectures. It's supported by a number of companies, primarily by Citrix, but also used by Oracle for Oracle VM, and by others. Xen can do full virtualization on systems that support virtualization extensions, but can also work as a hypervisor on machines that don't have the virtualization extensions.




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Phone: 1 613 823 2789

Expertise at General Electric in Ontario, AT&T in Massachusetts, T-Mobile in Georgia and Ericsson in Texas

We approach your unique challenges with a focus on overall business development objectives, ensuring that major investments in infrastructure lead to long-term financial success.


Suny Software’s software engineers are computer scientists and versatile professionals. Its extensive expertise expands into numerous areas of computer science including large scale distributed application and embedded firmware/software.  

We ensure:

  • Future-proof software evolution through high-quality software design;
  • Optimized software performance;
  • Focused software planning and accurate capacity forecasting to balance software investments and software performance;
  • Evolution-friendly software strategies and designs;
  • A secured software to avoid potential vulnerabilities being exploited.

>> USB/Wireless Solutions


We have extensive expertise implementing VMware, VLANs, routing, VMware ESX, vSphere, vCenter, administration of design, implementation, capacity planning, and maintenance. VMWare platform consists of various OSs including Solaris, AIX, and Linux running on various hardware.

Our hands-on expertise acquired in numerous companies including AT&T in Massachusetts and T-Mobile in Georgia. Our cloud and virtual platform consists of equipments including:

  • VMware, VLANs, routing, VMware ESX, vSphere, vCenter, administration of design, implementation, capacity planning, and maintenance. VMWare platform consists of various OSsincluding Solaris, AIX, and Linux running on various hardware
  • VMotion, HA, DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), VMware's vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS), Distributed Power Management, Affinity rules, VCenter, storage migrations, and P2V migrations
  • SAN, NAS using block storage, NFS, ISCSI, Cisco ASA, Nexus, and Catalyst
  • Unix/Linux; experienced in architecting, designing and deploying virtualized infrastructure in VMware environment
  • HP/IBM/SUN/Oracle blade centers and Virtual connects
  • OpenStack, Private and Hybrid cloud environments
  • vSphere problem determination, capacity planning and root cause analysis
  • vSphere Distributed Switch, power shell and vShield zones, and
  • VMware ESX on HP Proliant servers and HP Blades.    





The founder and Chief Software Engineer of Suny Software worked for a number of companies, and organization, including Ericsson of Sweden, T-Mobile, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom of Germany, and AT&T, the largest US wireless company. I also worked for GENERAL ELECTRIC in a comprehensive role.

At Suny Software, he is responsible for end-to-end software development of embedded platform, distributed software development, and Cloud & Virtualization. We are expert in developing software cost-effectively. We also implement Google Cloud & VMware virtualization.

At AT&T New England Lab, he was responsible for SDLC/SME, embedded software applications used in RF/LTE Base Station, 4G/LTE, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, RFDS, VoIP, IPSec VPN, cell sites, WCDMA, GSM, and/or LTE Radio Access Networks (RAN), including experience with Unix and/or Linux operating systems and VoIP infrastructure. Before joining AT&T, he was offered a position as a Software Engineer at GE in Melbourne,Florida. He worked at T-Mobile as an Operation Network Engineer in Atlanta, Georgia, and at Ericsson as a Software Engineer in Texas.



At General Electric, he was the Lead Engineer in embedded software development for Next Generation Sensor R&D. He was responsible for developing software including development approach and coding standards. He was responsible for Agile development practices in the team, plan and deliver projects using Scrum, within budget, time and quality constraints. His team developed automated software tool to debug applications, create and conduct sensor software system integration using OSI L3-L7, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Linux/Unix, real-time operating systems, UNIX (Solaris), Linux, C, C++, Java/Oracle, python, SQL, TCP/IP, IPSec, and SSL. 

He invented patent for mainly fire detection sensor and notification security devices' firmware/software (C/C++) at General Electric Security. The patent consists of the following: Solaris 10, Linux kernel 2.6.27, FreeBSD NetBSD, Micro-kernel, IP and 
TCP/UDP/ICMP, ICMPv6, DHCPv6, DAD, OSPFv3, SNMP, MPLS, BGP, OSPF, and RIP, IEEE 128-bit IPv6, 128-NFP - 128-bit Neighboring Fire Panel (NF having full 128-bit IPv6 address rather than link-local (fe80::/64) IPv6 address) on Freescale Semiconductor, ColdFire®/68K/32-bit Processor/Microcontrollers (MCUs), FPGA, Embedded Multi-Core CPU, PowerPC and CMOS RAM.





He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome in Utica, New York. He worked as Senior Research Fellow at the Research Foundation funded by the US Department of Defense. 



Sensors, i.e. heat, smoke, ion etc., firmware for wireless platform