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US Ambassador Dan Mozena: Bangladesh IT sector is able to provide software at a 60 percent lesser cost than firms in India's Bangalore. Bangladesh can emerge as a major economy in Asia by harnessing its potentials in four sectors -- apparels, leather, pharmaceuticals and information technology. The Daily Star, Sunday, December 21, 2014



Visiting Japanese business leaders yesterday demanded easing of investment rules as they look to divert funds to Bangladesh from China due to rising production costs and worker shortage there.

“We want to expand business in
Bangladesh but we need policy support from the government,” said Kuniharu Nakamura, president and chief executive officer of Sumitomo Corporation, one of the top three sogo shosha companies in the world.

Japanese companies that trade in a wide range of products and materials are known as sogo shosha. In addition to acting as intermediaries, sogo shosha also engage in logistics, plant development and other services, as well as international resource exploration.

Nakamura's comments came at the Japan-Bangladesh Business Forum at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka, attended by 22 CEOs and 65 other high officials of companies from
Japan. They accompanied Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his two-day visit.

The CEOs present were from: Marubeni, Ship Healthcare Holding, Maruhisa, Kanbe, JETRO, Mayekawa, Euglena, IHI, JFE Engineering Corporation, ITOCHU, Shimizu, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Toray Industries, Nippon Poly-Glu, Medical Corporation Otsubo-Kai, Obayashi, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Bonmax and Kume Sekkei.

During his presentation, Yukio Yamada, president and CEO of Kume Sekkei, one of the leading architectural design firms in
Japan, said he is interested in providing technological and architectural support for railways, airport and industrial park.

Ichiji Ishuzu, executive director of Mayekawa, manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment and automated food processing robots, said his company is interested to set up food processing, beverage and ice-making machinery plants.

Kiminobu Hiraishi, president of Maruhisa that owns factories dealing with integrated knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing at Adamjee Export Processing Zone, demanded direct sea freight between
Bangladesh and Japan for shortening lead-time.

Kunihisha Furukawa, CEO of Ship Healthcare Holding that is engaged in the medical product business, said he has plans to invest 2 billion yen in
Bangladesh to expand his business in medical college and hospital.

Mitsuru Izumo, president of Euglena, a venture company that engages in selling health food and development of bio-fuel with its core technology for mass cultivation of “euglena”, said he wants to expand his operations in

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