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Unlike old legacy systems, Smart devices are revolutionizing human interaction instantaneously. 

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We are seeking investment on product development in order to provide customer with cost-effective software development solutions. We'd provide tailor-made solutions to help you reach your operational and business goals.

We emphasize long-term success based on user satisfaction. Outsourcing is an option for the following three reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Access to world-class talent, and
  • High-quality finished-software products with full maintenance and training 

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Before joining New York Times, Ms. Bettina Wassener worked for the Financial Times (including as Frankfurt correspondent), BusinessWeek, and CNBC Europe.

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As a key driver of software technology evolution, and with experience from hundreds of software development and implementation programs around the world, we have the know-how to guide you, whatever your technology need.

We ensure:

  • Future-proof software evolution through high-quality software design;
  • Optimized software performance;
  • Focused software planning and accurate capacity forecasting to balance software investments and software performance;
  • Evolution-friendly software strategies and designs;
  • A secured software to avoid potential vulnerabilities being exploited.

We take a holistic approach to addressing your specific software development challenges, using expert knowledge, best practices developed from our global experience, proven tools and methodologies, and established benchmark and optimization software practices. Entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative approach to develop any embedded platform cost-effectively. 

What We Do:

We utilize experience or expertise to solve problems, develop and execute objectives for the company and all parties involved, and have the ability to effect short-term and some long-term business goals

We provide leadership on assigned projects to ensure financial and contractual execution through established company procedures

We lead multi-disciplinary project team including coaching and technical direction to meet project deliverables

We provide software engineering leadership in communicating business goals, programs, and processes for short-term and long-term business goals

We estimate budgets and track costs of projects, be accountable for meeting project budget targets

We develop scope-of-work specifications for contractors / subcontractors where appropriate, and

We deliver professional, high quality results to customers.


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The founder and Chief Software Engineer of Suny Software worked for a number of companies, and organization, including Ericsson of Sweden, T-Mobile, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom of Germany, and AT&T, the largest US wireless company. He also worked for GENERAL ELECTRIC in a comprehensive role.

At Suny Software, he is responsible for end-to-end software development of embedded platform, distributed software development, and Cloud & Virtualization. We are expert in developing software cost-effectively. We also implement Google Cloud & VMware virtualization.

At General Electric, he was the Lead Engineer in embedded software development for Next Generation Sensor R&D. He was responsible for developing software including development approach and coding standards. He was responsible for Agile development practices in the team, plan and deliver projects using Scrum, within budget, time and quality constraints. His team developed automated software tool to debug applications, create and conduct sensor software system integration using OSI L3-L7, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Linux/Unix, real-time operating systems, UNIX (Solaris), Linux, C, C++, Java/Oracle, Python, SQL, TCP/IP, IPSec, and SSL. 

He invented patent for mainly fire detection sensor and notification security devices' firmware/software (C/C++) at General Electric Security. The patent consists of the following: Solaris 10, Linux kernel 2.6.27, FreeBSD NetBSD, Micro-kernel, IP and 
TCP/UDP/ICMP, ICMPv6, DHCPv6, DAD, OSPFv3, SNMP, MPLS, BGP, OSPF, and RIP, IEEE 128-bit IPv6, 128-NFP - 128-bit Neighboring Fire Panel (NF having full 128-bit IPv6 address rather than link-local (fe80::/64) IPv6 address) on Freescale Semiconductor, ColdFire®/68K/32-bit Processor/Microcontrollers (MCUs), FPGA, Embedded Multi-Core CPU, PowerPC and CMOS RAM.

At AT&T New England Lab, he was responsible for SDLC/SME, embedded software applications used in RF/LTE Base Station, 4G/LTE, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, RFDS, VoIP, IPSec VPN, cell sites, WCDMA, GSM, and/or LTE Radio Access Networks (RAN), including experience with Unix and/or Linux operating systems and VoIP infrastructure. Before joining AT&T, he was offered a position as a Software Engineer at GE in Melbourne,Florida. He worked at T-Mobile as an Operation Network Engineer in Atlanta, Georgia, and at Ericsson as a Software Engineer in Texas.

He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome in Utica, New York. He worked as Senior Research Fellow at the Research Foundation funded by the US Department of Defense.

Suny Software is the founder’s second endeavor. After receiving permission from the State of Georgia and the United States Internal Revenue Service, he had opened his first software company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Offshore software development are cost-effective. Right offshore partners have adequate expertise and experiences in companies like General Electric, Ericsson, AT&T and T-Mobile.

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LynxOS, OSE, QNX, RTLinux, VxWorks and Windows CE / ARM 100 MHz CPU switches < 3 microseconds

Unlike old legacy embedded systems, embedded software/firmware development for Smart devices demands sophisticated skill-set. Our experience in the embedded software/firmware at General Electric Fire & Security Alarm platforms are unique, and it would be tremendously beneficial to fulfilling your software development and verification requirements. 


M B Khan,
Apr 21, 2014, 10:04 AM