We ensure:

Future-proof software evolution through high-quality software design;

Optimized software performance;

Focused software planning and accurate capacity forecasting to balance software investments and software performance;

Evolution-friendly software strategies and designs;

A secured software to avoid potential vulnerabilities being exploited.

>> Consulting Solutions

We are seeking partnership with product, service and consulting companies. We are also seeking partnership with our former employers to develop some of their incomplete projects. 

What We Do:

We utilize experience or expertise to solve problems, develop and execute objectives for the company and all parties involved, and have the ability to effect short-term and some long-term business goals

We provide leadership on assigned projects to ensure financial and contractual execution through established company procedures

We lead multi-disciplinary project team including coaching and technical direction to meet project deliverables

We provide software engineering leadership in communicating business goals, programs, and processes for short-term and long-term business goals

We estimate budgets and track costs of projects, be accountable for meeting project budget targets

We develop scope-of-work specifications for contractors / subcontractors where appropriate, and

We deliver professional, high quality results to customers.


Offshore software developments are cost-effective, especially in the area of "Smart device" compatibility. Right offshore partners have adequate expertise and experiences at General Electric, Ericsson, AT&T and T-Mobile etc.

>> Samsung R&D