In an Unlikely Corner of Asia, Strong Promise of Growth
By BETTINA WASSENER, Global Business, New York Times
Published: April 23, 2012

Properties are popping up like daisies, and the development is moving further and further down along the beach. The speed and scale of it is unprecedented for Bangladesh.

Economists at Standard Chartered Bank believe that Bangladesh could join what have been called the “7 percent club” of economies that expand at least 7 percent annually for an extended period — allowing their economies to double every decade. Current members of the “club” include China.

“For many years, China was almost always the hands-down answer to all buyers’ needs,” the consulting firm McKinsey noted in a recent report. Now, Western wholesale buyers of garments are looking for the “next China,” and Bangladesh “is clearly the preferred next stop for the sourcing caravan.”

>> Samsung R&D in Dhaka, Bangladesh 



To Suny Software, offshore development means distributed development of your software by mixed project teams, which comprise both permanent engineers and consulting engineers.

Software Development 

Suny Software develops a complete, ready for the market product according to your company's requirements for your company.

Suny Software develops, in close cooperation with your own development team, partial components for a larger system.

Suny Software develops for you according to a tailor-made project plan. We develop one segment at a fixed price with option of future development according to your need.

Suny Software assembles a team of experts, which helps you reach your ambitious goals and deadlines with the use of Agile/scrum methods.

With the option ‚Offshore Development, Suny Software offers you our premium quality services at competitive prices.



Suny Software supports your project teams on site.

Suny Software impart a holistic view of a problem through the combination of technological and management competency.

Suny Software contributes with its own know-how and personal problem solving competency. These are based on long-term practical experiences in project management and software architectures in your line of business.

Suny Software forces you to systematically work out and document viable solutions and impulses for action.

Moderation techniques help you to improve your internal communication.

A consequent change management ensures measurable results.

We develop software for product, feature and enhancement of existing products not limited to the following:  

  • Embedded Software Engineering & Development
  • Distributed Software Development using SaaS & cloud
  • Software Engineering R&D / NPI / Feature Introduction & Enhancement
  • Software Applications & Web Application / CGI
  • Database Development & Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Fire and Security Panel, both conventional and "Smart"
  • Smoke, heat and ion detector, or any combinations 
  • Software Engineering R&D on patent or new product
  • Software Applications for NPI on Java, C/C++ & other languages
  • Database Development, Times Ten, MySQL, Oracle etc.
  • Cloud & Infrastructure on any UNIX, FreeBSD, Android, Linux, Solaris or other
  • Common Gateway Interface, Native Interface on LAN/WAN or based on any wireless protocols

Your cloud and virtual solution on OpenStack


Companies and government around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and Japan develop their software in DHAKA, Bangladesh. The United States Postal Service, the United States Department of Agricultural, the Royal Dutch Airlines KLM, Samsung and numerous international companies develop their software in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Suny Software's Offshore-Development is unique. Our focuses are driven by the following:

1. Access to world-class talent, and

Suny Software offers the following benefits for you:

Substantially reduced average hourly rates, due to a mix of permanent Suny Software engineers and Suny Software consulting engineer’s team members located around the world including in North America, Europe and DHAKA, Bangladesh.

Faster realization through the deployment of additional, highly qualified software engineers in DHAKA, Bangladesh.

Convenient communication is very important to Suny Software. Your company starts communicating with the Chief Software Engineer first. You interface exclusively with our staff, who are permanent engineers at Suny Software.

Suny Software will coordinate the upcoming development tasks with their colleagues in DHAKA, Bangladesh.

Suny Software avoids the overhead with real technical know-how by following software development process at world-class companies. Your contact persons at Suny Software are engineers, technical project managers and architects, who actively participate in the development of your project and who are responsible for the quality of the end product.

Your company would not have disadvantages in productivity. Our consulting engineers colleagues are highly qualified. Their technical standard is as good as professionals here North America. Suny Software engineers speak perfect English.

A low fluctuation rate means stable teams. The special Suny Software team spirit also reigns supreme among our colleagues in DHAKA, Bangladesh.

Suny Software Consulting provides tailor-made solutions to help you reach your operational and business goals. We emphasize long-term success based on user satisfaction.

Suny Software not only provides consulting services but also implement end-to-end cloud and virtualization using OpenStack, Google Cloud and VMWare. We develop software in Java, Python & C++ along with other languages.

We have extensive expertise implementing VMware, VLANs, routing, VMware ESX, vSphere, vCenter, administration of design, implementation, capacity planning, and maintenance. VMWare platform consists of various OSs including Solaris, AIX, and Linux running on various hardware.

As a key driver of software technology evolution, and with experience from hundreds of software development and implementation programs around the world, we have the know-how to guide you, whatever your technology need.


Do you plan a project which will need at least three software developers over a period of at least six months at substantially reduced average hourly rates? If so, then it is time to discuss about offshore development at Suny Software.

Why DHAKA, Bangladesh? Talent and cost-effectiveness!

  1. Hundreds of companies and government software division around the world including Samsung, United States Postal Service, United States Department of Agriculture and KLM Royal Airlines. Samsung has one of its largest Software R&D facility in DHAKA, Bangladesh, and
  2. Bangladeshi students routinely attend MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, USC and U of Waterloo for graduate studies and PhD.

>> Computer Science & Software Engineering 

LynxOS, OSE, QNX, RTLinux, VxWorks and Windows CE / ARM 100 MHz CPU switches < 3 microseconds

>> Wireless Sensor Firmware 

Unlike old legacy embedded systems, embedded software/firmware development for Smart devices demands sophisticated skill-set. 

Our experience in the embedded software/firmware at General Electric Fire & Security Alarm platforms are unique, and it would be tremendously beneficial to fulfilling your software development and verification requirements.