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Suny Software founder recently came to General Electric Intelligent Platform in Charlottesville, Virginia. He came to GE Energy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Cisco in Raleigh, North Carolina. He worked as a Lead Engineer at General Electric Security. He enjoyed working at General Electric Next Generation Product Research & Development.

Suny Software founder invented patent on behalf of General Electric R&D on Next Generation Product. This patent consists of Linux kernel 2.6.27, FreeBSD NetBSD, Micro-kernel,  Solaris 10, MLDv2, OSPFv3, RIPng, IEEE 128-bit IPv6, Freescale ColdFire®/68K/32-bit Processor/ Microcontrollers (MCUs), FPGA, Embedded Multi-Core CPU and CMOS RAM.   

Suny Software founder acquired B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome in Utica, upstate New York. He acquired invaluable experience while working at Ericsson in Richardson, Texas, T-Mobile in Atlanta, Georgia, and AT&T in Bolton and Avon in Massachusetts, USA.


Project Quality

  • Future-proof software evolution through high-quality software design;
  • Optimized software performance;
  • Focused software planning and accurate capacity forecasting to balance software investments and software performance;
  • Evolution-friendly software strategies and designs; and
  • A secured software to avoid potential vulnerabilities being exploited.

>> Dr. Scott Spetka and President Bill Clinton  

Software Project


Chief Executive Officer

Lead Engineer General Electric (USA) Ontario Canada
Operation Engineer AT&T 
(USA) Massachusetts USA
Operation Engineer T-Mobile (Germany) Atlanta GA USA
Software Engineer Ericsson (Sweden) Texas USA

Software and Firmware Engineering!

"[072] FIG. 5, FP1 (541) obtains IPv6 address ffee::abcd (521), creates gateway ffee::abcd and keeps this gateway in its EG table “EG Table 1” (501). Similarly in FIG. 5, Fire Panels, FP2 (552), FP3 (543), FP4 (554), FP5 (545), FP6 (556), FP7 (547), FP8 (558), FP9 (549), FP10 (560) and FP11 (551), create gateways by their respective IPv6 addresses, eeff::76a2 (522), 2009::aa01 (523), ffaa::bbc4 (524), efef::cc03 (525), 9fa4::bb06 and 2ff1::bb78 (526b, 526a), 8fa4::7acd (527), 2008::dd76 (528), 2a5d::59c and 3e4a::59c (529a, 529b), f9ea::7a58 (530) and abcd::79a (531). These gateways are kept in “EG Table 2” (522), “EG Table 3” (523), “EG Table 4” (524), “EG Table 5” (525), “EG Table 6” (526), “EG Table 7” (527), “EG Table 8” (528), “EG Table 9” (529), “EG Table 10” (530), and “EG Table 11” (531) respectively." (See the attached patent created for GE)

I acquired my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome in Utica, upstate New York. I acquired invaluable experience while working at Ericsson in RichardsonTexas, T-Mobile in AtlantaGeorgia, and AT&T in Bolton and Avon in Massachusetts. I also worked at General Electric as a Lead Engineer in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I enjoyed working at General Electric Next Generation Product Research and Development. 

Founder & CEO
Suny Software

P.S. I visited New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Atlanta, Raleigh, Albany, Buffalo, Toronto, Montréal, Quebec City, and Ottawa.

M Barkat Khan attended Florida Atlantic University, the SUNY and the City University of New York in NYC. He lived, worked or studied in the State of New York, Florida, Texas, Georgia and Massachusetts in the USA. He has also lived in Mississauga, Owen Sound and Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

General Electric (USA, employees: 307,000) as a Lead Engineer in Embedded Software Development on Next Generation Product Research & Development in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
AT&T (USA, employees: 243,000) as an Operation Engineer in Bolton and Avon in MassachusettsUSA
T-Mobile (Germany, employees: 235,000) as an Operation Engineer inAtlanta, Georgia
Ericsson (Sweden, employees: 118,000) as a Software Engineer inRichardson, Texas

State University of New York (students: 467,991) as undergraduate and graduate student
City University of New York (students: 516,000) as undergraduate student
Florida Atlantic University (students: 30,803) as undergraduate student

Project Screen

>> Cost Analysis USA Ambassador

Employees are screened carefully based on achievements. B.Sc. and/or M.Sc. in Computer Science, and at least one year of relevant experience are mandatory to be considered for any project.  After completing one-year long contract employment at Suny Software, employees could choose numerous options including becoming permanent.  

Offshore Development 

Offshore software development are cost-effective, specially in the area of "Smart device" compatibility. Right offshore partners have adequate expertise and experiences at General Electric, Ericsson, AT&T and T-Mobile etc.

>> Suny Software Engineering Research $ Development

Global Investments

Before joining New York Times, Ms. Bettina Wassener worked for the Financial Times (including as Frankfurt correspondent), Business Week, and CNBC Europe.

>> Bettina Wassener 

A small software industry in a big country - population about 150 million, three times that of the UK - Dr. Richard Sykes is a scientist by background to PhD level at Cambridge and Yale.

>> Mathematics Professor Dr Thomas J Smith 

Founder, CEO and Principal Engineer, Mohammad B Khan, and his fellow LinkedIn engineering & management professionals around the world including USA, Canada and Sweden  

Founder's LinkedIn connections

>> Suny Software Founder at AT&T Massachusetts and AT&T & General Motors CEO Edward Whitacre 


>> Suny Software Founder and Canadian Minister MP Pierre Poilievre in Nepean, Ottawa, on Canada Day 




Founder Mohammad B Khan at General Electric Intelligent Platform Salem Raonoke Virginia USA


Founder Mohammad B Khan at Cisco Research Triangle Park Raleigh Durham North Carolina USA 

Founder Mohammad B Khan at General Electric Intelligent Platform Charlottesville Virginia USA

Founder Mohammad B Khan at General Electric Energy Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA


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